All copywriters have different strengths – so what are mine?

Firstly, my in-depth knowledge of digital technologies, innovation and sustainability issues. I’m adept at explaining complex ideas in an easy-to-digest, highly readable manner. So if you’re looking for a copywriter who knows his automation from his altcoins, I’m your guy.

Secondly, I have excellent interviewing and storytelling skills, honed during a ten year career as a journalist for national publications. I write killer headlines, snappy standfirsts and lean, punchy paragraphs – and I know a great quote when I hear one.

Thirdly, I’m super reliable. When you hire me, you’re hiring someone who’ll go the extra mile to get the job done on-time and on-budget. That’s a promise.

I’ve drawn on these strengths to create sparkling copy for The Futures Centre, Sainsbury’s, the Sustainable Shipping Initiative, The Co-operative Group, The Student Room and Microsoft. And I’d love to apply them to your next project.

The services I offer include:

Annual reports

I’ve read a lot of annual reports, and most of them are…well, a bit boring.

I don’t do boring.

Instead, I craft highly readable annual reports that tell an exciting story about your organisation.

My goal is to communicate your achievements, values and ambitions in a way that impresses not only your existing partners, shareholders or trustees, but anyone who might want to collaborate with you in future.

I use case studies, extensive interviews with key staff and a voice that perfectly captures the essence of your organisation. And I’ll redraft and polish every sentence until you have an annual report you want to share with the world, rather than bury down the back of your website.

If you’d like to commission me to write your annual report, get in touch on +44(0)20 8342 8672 or drop me a line at:

CSR reports

As the former Assistant Editor of Green Futures magazine and a regular contributor to the Guardian on sustainability issues, I understand the importance of CSR. I also know how much your customers and other stakeholders care about your impact upon the environment and society. In fact I may well have interviewed them about it.

If you hire me to write your CSR report, I’ll make sure people know exactly what you’re doing to improve the wellbeing of the planet, your customers and your employees.

Using case studies, interviews with key staff and other stakeholders, and impactful facts and figures, I’ll craft an inspiring CSR report that explains why a sustainable future matters as much as future profits.

To find our more, just give me a call on +44 (0)20 8342 8672 or drop me a line at

White papers

White papers are a great way to show you’re an innovative organisation with fresh ideas. They can help to develop your reputation as a thought leader in your sector, and start the kind of conversations that lead to new business. But only when they’re as interesting to read as they are informative.

As someone who writes about innovation for a living, I’m ideally placed to produce your white paper. It’s my job to explain new and exciting concepts to readers of the Guardian, How We Get To Next and many other publications, in prose that hooks and keeps their attention. I’m also adept at making complex, technical subjects like nuclear fusion or the Internet of Things easy to understand – a skill I’d love to apply to your next white paper.

Sound good? Then why not give me a call on +44 (0)20 8342 8672 or drop me a line at to discuss your requirements.

Blog posts

Most blog posts are destined to languish in some dark corner of the internet, unread, unliked and unshared.

But not your blog posts.

Your blog posts are going to build your brand and generate new business. Your blog posts are going to be read and liked and shared. Why? Because you’re smart enough to hire someone who actually knows how to write them.

As TalkTalk’s former technology blogger and a contributor to Independent Voices, I know what makes a great post – and its far more than just keywords (don’t worry – I can do all that jazzy SEO stuff too).

Great blog posts start with great headlines. They hook people immediately, then roll from one perfect sentence to the next, like a slow breaking wave, building and building before crashing down onto a killer final sentence. Like that one.

If you’re keen to freshen up your brand with some top-notch posts, just give me a call on +44 (0)20 8342 8672 or drop me a line at

Advertorials & sponsored features

Over the past eight years I’ve written nearly a hundred advertorial pieces for MSN, working on major campaigns for brands like Samsung, Microsoft, Nissan and ACER.

I’m on first name terms with SEO, and I understand how to promote without being pushy. I also apply the same skills I use when writing for the Guardian to my advertorial pieces, ensuring that readers get as much out of them as they would any other article.

Between 2012-2015 I was one of the main contributors to the Nissan Project Innovation hub on the MSN website, producing in-depth sponsored content on self-driving cars, sustainable transport and infrastructure innovation. I’ve also contributed to pull-out supplements in the Daily Telegraph, and sponsored content for the Guardian’s Partner Zones.

If you’d like to commission me to write an advertorial or sponsored feature, just give me a call on +44 (0)20 8342 8672 or email me at:

Additional services include:

Customer reports
Website content
Case studies
Book editing
Tone of voice & copy styles