I’m a London-based journalist with over ten years’ experience writing for national media.

I specialise in digital culture, sustainability and public sector issues, and most of my work centres around futures topics – i.e. emerging trends likely to shape the world of tomorrow.

For example, I’ve covered how journalists are using drones to report hidden stories, whether nuclear fusion could solve the global energy crisis, and how the internet of things could revolutionise public services. I’m also the former Assistant Editor of Green Futures magazine, and a regular contributor to the Guardian (click here to view my profile page).

Here’s a small selection of my work:

How the internet of things is slashing energy costs for business

A worldwide network of objects already helps businesses to control energy use, but now there’s money to be made by bringing them together.

Back to the future: are we about to crack energy fusion?

Limitless renewable energy from nuclear fusion has been “30 years away” for several decades, but experts believe they’re finally closing in on it.

Can business learn to speak the language of natural capital?

There are so many initiatives to help businesses place a value on natural resources that confusion is setting in – and momentum may be lost.

Reimagining the high street: how empty shops can become community hubs

Empty shops are a symptom of the recession – but they are also the key to a community-focused high street.

Can “co-creation” help cities find a new way to solve their problems?

What if there was a way to tap into the collective wisdom of citizens and involve them in shaping their surroundings? That’s the promise of co-creation.

Is Apple's golden age coming to an end?

Don't write off the tech giant yet. The company's 'Other Products' range, including its electric car, could step in to fill the iPhone sales gap.

Drone journalism set for takeoff – once they’re permitted to use our airspace

Drones already attract press attention, but soon journalists could be using them in their own work.

Children should be at the heart of future cities

From improvements to urban infrastructure to better environmental monitoring, a child-friendly city benefits everyone.

When money gets under your skin

We may soon no longer need to pay in hard cash, but with a blink or an implanted chip.

Preparing for the digital afterlife

How should we deal with web users’ Facebook, PayPal and other accounts when they log off for good?

Rebooting computing

Teaching children to create technology, not just use it, is the key to their future success.

Is technology and the internet reducing pupils’ attention spans?

The way children consume information has changed dramatically, but how is this affecting teaching?

How to govern for sustainability

National leaders can learn from collaborative governance at a regional level, and should encourage it.

The search for transparency in a global gold rush for rare earths

Rare earth elements are an essential ingredient of modern technologies, but poor regulation has led to environmental ruin.

Is anything for your eyes only?

Where might the intensifying trend for transparency lead us?

High score: how video game music became the soundtrack of a generation

Game music has quietly infiltrated mainstream culture while retaining its unique appeal.